Permit Applications

Below are the various types of Permit Applications for the Town, please refer to the contact information if you would like to have a copy of the application. All submissions must include an electronic copy. 


Application Type

Contact Email and Phone Number

Air Conditioning Replacement Data

Contractor Registration Form

Building Permit Application

Checklist for Building Construction

Contractor Registration Form

Flood Hazard Zone Development Application

Owner and Builder Affidavit

Qualifier Authorization Form Notice (Residential)

Statement of Environmental Impact Affidavit

Subcontractor Permit

Voluntary Contractor Registration Info

Zoning Setbacks Table

Civil engineer's drainage plan are to be reviewed by the Town's engineer:

Residential Flood Hazard Zone Drainage Plan Review

Commercial Drainage Plan Review

Building Department 

          (561) 540-5780

Construction Plan & Preliminary Plat

Comp Plan & Rezone 

Final Plat

Landscape Application

Master Plan Application

Height Exception

Platting Exception

Platting Pre-Application

Site Plan Review 

Sign Variance 

Solar Plans Checklist

Special Exception Application 

Variance Application

Planning and Zoning