Town Clerk

Town of Lantana Records Custodian | Kathleen Dominguez, CMC, Town Clerk | Phone: 561-540-5016 | Fax: 561-540-5011 | 500 Greynolds Circle, Lantana FL 33462

Responsibilities of the Town Clerk
The Town Clerk is responsible for preparing the council meeting agendas, attends all official meetings of the council and as well as advisory boards in person or by deputy and keeps the minutes of its proceedings, attests all resolutions, ordinances and contracts, and codifies ordinances.  The Town Clerk is the Official Records Custodian responsible for management of the Town's records and public records requests, and papers of a general or permanent character pertaining to the affairs of the municipality, legal notices and advertisements, and to preserve, file and index all contracts to which the Town is a party.  The Town Clerk is also the custodian of the Town seal, provides Notary services for Town business and also handles all Town elections.  As the Town's Supervisor of Elections, she is responsible for preparing candidate packets, qualifying candidates, obtaining treasurer's reports from candidates, and all advertisements pertaining to Town elections.

Public Records Requests
The Town Clerk manages public records requests.  Requests for records can be made verbally by contacting the Town Clerk's Office at (561) 540-5016 or in person at Town Hall at 500 Greynolds Circle.  If one prefers to have their request in writing, please e-mail .  A Public Records Request Form is available at Town Hall and at the link below:

Request for Public Records

Lantana's Code of Ordinances
This link takes you to, click on Lantana Code of Ordinances.  The Code of Ordinances includes the Town Charter and Town laws.

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