Neighborhood Program


Department of Development Services

C omprehensive N eighborhood E nhancement P rogram


CNEP Mission

“To Enhance and Improve the Overall Quality of Life and Sense of Well Being in the Town of Lantana's Neighborhoods.”

What is CNEP?

The Comprehensive Neighborhood Enhancement Program is a program put in place by the Department of Development Services through which we aim to address our neighborhoods'  needs. We will do so, by providing technical assistance for neighborhoods interested in forming associations.  The program began in the Fall 2000 to encourage citizen participation in the town government and the development of neighborhood associations.

Our Neighborhoods

The Town is divided into 10 unique CNEP neighborhoods:

Lantana Heights


Lantana Heights West

Lantana Cove

Ocean Breeze

Sea Pines

Lantana Pines

Ocean Walk

North Broadway

East Ocean Avenue

The Town staff is always interested in having discussions with the town residents on issues such as Neighborhood Identification, Neighborhood Involvement, Infrastructure Improvements, Beautification, Code Compliance, Community Crime Watch and Traffic Concerns.

With our residents help, we can continue to preserve Lantana's small town atmosphere!