Windows, Doors, Garage Doors, and Shutters Checklist


  • All permit applications, two paper copies, and one digital copy of permit documentation should be submitted to the Development Services Department.
  • Please note at this time we only accept cash or check payments (due at submittal).
  • Please email with any questions regarding your submittal.

Please check to confirm submittal of the following:  

  • Completed Permit Application for the project, including details of the scope of work and number of proposed improvements in the Description of Work (ex. “Seven hurricane impact windows”)
  • Contractor Registration Details (State License/Competency, County BTR, Liability Insurance, Worker’s Compensation, Qualifier Details) or Owner Builder Affidavit
  • 2 copies of the Notice of Acceptance or Product Approval with the product being installed marked or highlighted on the document
  • 2 copies of design pressures for each opening
  • Floor plan or map indicating the locations of the proposed improvement

 If applicable:

  • For windows, doors, or garage doors on projects other than 1 and 2 family dwelling units:
    • 2 copies of the full set of plans stamped by Palm Beach County Fire Department 


  1. All projects are required to meet all Lantana Code requirements, including those of Chapter 6. Buildings and Building Regulations. For additional information on Code Requirements, visit
  2. A certified NOC is required for permits with a value of greater than $2500 prior to scheduling an inspection.
  3. Please note this checklist is not intended to be all-inclusive. Additional documents may be requested.