Accounting Division


The Accounting Function in the Department is responsible for the preparing and distributing quarterly financial statements, annual budget, and the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).

Listed below are a few of our financial data:

Town of Lantana's Annual Financial Report pursuant to Ch. 2011-144
Police Pension Reporting per F.S.S. 166.241
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Fiscal Year 2018/2019
FY19 Adopted Budget posted 9/24/2018 pursuant to F.S. 166.241(3)
FY19 Proposed Budget posted 8/30/2018 pursuant to F.S. 166.241(3)

Fiscal Year 2017/2018
FY18 Adopted Budget posted 9/25/2017 pursuant to F.S. 166.241(3)
FY18 Proposed Budget posted 9/6/2017 and 9/11/2017 pursuant to F.S. 166.241(3)
FY18 Budget Amendment R-03-2018 posted 4/24/2018 pursuant to F.S. 166.241(5)
FY18 Budget Amendment R-10-2018 posted 9/25/2018 pursuant to F.S. 166.241(5)