Code Enforcement

Lantana's Code of Ordinances provides standards of housing, safety, sanitation, and other important elements for our community.  Keeping our town safe and clean, with well-maintained and desirable properties, helps to increase the desirability of the community, as well as property values The Code Enforcement Division is responsible for ensuring that the residences, properties and businesses in the Town of Lantana comply with the code.  A Code Enforcement Officer can either initiate a code violation action based upon their own observation or in response to a citizen complaint. In addition, Chapter 162, Florida Statutes, authorizes municipalities to impose fines and non-criminal penalties for violations of the Town's code.

Code Enforcement Special Magistrate Hearings
Code Enforcement Special Magistrate Hearings are scheduled the 3rd Thursday of each month at 5:30pm in Town Hall Council Chambers, unless otherwise noted.  See below schedule of dates for the upcoming meetings:

JANUARY 19,2023
FEBRUARY 16,2023
MARCH 16,2023
APRIL 20,2023
MAY 18,2023
JUNE 15,2023
JULY 20,2023
AUGUST 17,2023
OCTOBER 19,2023
NOVEMBER 16,2023
DECEMBER - No Hearing


Commonly Asked Code Enforcement Questions

How are Code Enforcement violations initiated? 

A Code Enforcement Officer can either initiate a code violation action based upon their own observation or in response to a citizen complaint.


How do I report a Code Enforcement Complaint?

Complaints should be reported to the Code Enforcement Division at 561-540-5790 or

Please provide your name and address when making a complaint as complaints may not be made anonymously (per Florida Statute).  Please provide the correct address of the possible violation and a clear description of the problem.


How do I register Abandoned Real Property?

Ordinance O-12-2010 established the current process for Registration of Abandoned Real Property. Visit Sec. 6-36 of the Town Code of Ordinances for more information. 

To complete the registration process, please complete the registration application and return to the Code Enforcement Division at the Development Services Department along with a $100.00 (cash or check) application fee. 


What are the Most Common Code Violations?

  • Setting out the garbage and trash too early or on the wrong day.
  • Parking a vehicle in the yard.
  • Failing to obtain necessary Town permits for construction, renovation, or garage sales.
  • Landscape problems, such as “hat-racking” tree trimming or removing a protected tree.
  • Paper signs in business windows.
  • Maintaining a property below the minimum housing standards.
  • House numbers are not visible, too small, or not of a contrasting color to the background.
  • Improper display of signs (Yard Sale, Help Wanted, etc.) on the swale, trees or utility poles, etc.
  • Outdoor storage in public view.
  • Inoperable / unregistered vehicles


How Does the Code Violation Process Work?

When you violate the code, the Code Enforcement Officer will usually give you a Verbal Warning or Written Warning.  This is to inform you of the violation and allow you some time to correct the condition.  If the condition is particularly unsafe, obnoxious or life threatening, this warning may be skipped and the Town of Lantana may require immediate compliance.

If you do not correct the violation during the allotted time, you will be issued Notice of Violation (NOV).  The NOV indicates a specific number of days and will provide a suggested method to correct the problem.  

The property will be re-inspected to determine if the violation has been corrected by the designated date. If it has not been corrected, the officer will issue a Citation to Appear before the special magistrate via certified mail. 

The Special Magistrate sits as a judge to rule on code violation cases and meets at Town Hall once a month (typically the third Thursday of each month). The Special Magistrate's decision will usually specify how to correct the violation and declare a date by which the violation(s) must be corrected.

The Special Magistrate will also impose administrative costs and set a fine to take effect if the violation is not corrected.

How do I obtain a copy of the Special Magistrate Agenda?

Contact the Code Enforcement Division at 561-540-5790 or

Town of Lantana Code Enforcement Contact Information:

  • Location: Development Services Department504 Greynolds Circle, Lantana, FL 33462
  • Lobby Walk-In Hours: 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM
  • Phone Hours: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
  • Code Enforcement Main Phone: (561) 540-5790
  • Code Enforcement Email: