1 and 2 Family Driveway Checklist


  • All permit applications, two paper copies, and one digital copy of permit documentation should be submitted to the Development Services Department.
  • Please note at this time we only accept cash or check payments (due at submittal).
  • Please email buildingpermit@lantana.org with any questions regarding your submittal.

Please check to confirm submittal of the following: 

  • Completed Permit Application, including driveway details and material in description of work (Ex. “Concrete Driveway” or “Turf-Block Driveway”)
  • Contractor Registration Details (State License/Competency, County BTR, Liability Insurance, Worker’s Compensation, Qualifier Details) or Owner Builder Affidavit
  • 2 copies of a survey of the property (including all improvements and easements)
  • 2 copies of the driveway plan designed in accordance with Town Code requirements. Survey/plan should indicate:
    • Material, location, and dimensions of the proposed driveway clearly marked or shaded
    • Required 4-inch depression in the Town swale labeled
    • Dimension where the driveway meets the road labeled (not to exceed 30 ft width)
    • Calculation of the square footage of the proposed driveway/pavement 

If applicable:

  • For concrete driveways, provide the following in the Permit Application Description of Work:
    • Concrete thickness (must be at least 6 inches)
  • For brick paver driveways, provide the following in the Permit Application Description of Work:
    • Product details 
    • Base material information
  • For alternate pervious paver/turf block driveways, provide the following:
    • 2 copies of product information


  1. Driveways are required to meet all Lantana Code requirements, including those of Sec. 17-41. For additional information on Code Requirements, visit https://library.municode.com/fl/lantana/codes/code_of_ordinances.
  2. Driveway accesses shall not exceed thirty (30) feet in width at the right-of-way line unless an alternate means for retention of runoff waters is submitted to the building department as designed by a FL Registered Engineer.
  3. Driveway accesses within the swale shall be depressed at a minimum of four inches below the pavement edge.
  4. No steel reinforcement shall be used in the Town swale and concrete construction shall be six (6) inches thick.
  5. Construction finishes shall be flush with the finished surface of the adjoining sidewalk and/or driveway.
  6. If landscape removal is necessary to construct the driveway, a separate permit is required.
  7. A certified NOC is required on permits with a value of greater than $2,500 prior to scheduling an inspection. 
  8. Please note this checklist is not intended to be all-inclusive. Additional documents may be requested.