Water Treatment Plant

Town of Lantana
Water Treatment Plant

Our Mission

The Water Treatment Plant Division’s mission is to provide high-quality
safe drinking water for the Town of Lantana’s public and private sector.

Our Responsibilities

The Water Treatment Plant is responsible for providing safe drinking water to all Town residents customers. This activity maintains a water treatment facility capable of distributing 3.84 MGD to its customers. The Chief Water Plant Operator “A” Class license and one “A” Class License and one “B” Class license Operator who provide routine maintenance to the plant facility, including all potable water wells, the aeration, filtration systems, softening, organic removal, high service pumping systems, and the immediate distribution system.

The Chief Water Plant Operator is responsible for organizing and staffing the Water Treatment Plant activities.

Miguel Perez  
Chief Water Plant Operator
510 West Pine Street
Lantana, FL 33462
561-540-5760 Fax 561-540-5759