Utilities Administration

    Town of Lantana
                Utilities Administration 

     Our Mission     

   The Utilities Administration Division’s mission is to provide responsive, efficient,
 high quality utility services for the Town of Lantana’s public and private sector. 

     Our Responsibilities     

        Administration is comprised of the Director of Public Services, Utilities Assistant Director, and the Administrative Assistant. The administrative staff is charged with the responsibility of scheduling and staffing the affairs of the department to ensure the most efficient and responsive services are provided. In addition, staff coordinates all departmental improvements, grant development of these improvements, and interacts with other governmental agencies to exchange technical operation information.      

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  Jerry L. Darr  Director of OperationsEddie Crockett  Rosemary Molina  
  Utilities Assistant Director    Director of Public Services  Administrative Assistant  
  510 West Pine Street    510 West Pine Street    510 West Pine Street  
  Lantana, FL 33462    Lantana, FL 33462    Lantana, FL 33462  
  561-540-5753    561-540-5751
  jdarr@lantana.org  ecrockett@lantana.org     rmolina@lantana.org