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Department of Development Services Fee Schedule 

Effective April 27, 2020


Description                                                                              Fee

Building Permit Fee*                                                                Minimum Fee $70.00

            Valuation of Work

                        $0- $100,000                                                    3% of value

                        $100,001 – plus                                                2% of value

*plus any State of Florida required surcharge or fee

            Private Inspector                                              25% reduced fee

Private Plan Review                                         25% reduced fee

Private Inspector and Private Plan Review         50% reduced fee

Air Conditioning change out                                                     $40

Water Heater change out                                                           $40

Subcontractor Permit Fee (in addition to Building Permit Fee)    $30.00

Express Permitting (fee is in addition to regular permit fee)

            Valuation of Work

                        Under $500                                                      $25.00

                        $501 - $2,500                                                   $40.00

                        $2,501 - $5,000                                                $55.00

Greater than $5,000                                          $55+$10 per $1,000 value (if emergency, as determined by Building Official)

Plan Review                                                                             30% of bldg permit fee to be applied to permit fee - nonrefundable

                                                                                                Minimum Fee $60.00

Permit Fee for Solar energy system, small scale                         $400.00

Failure to obtain permit                                                             Four (4) times permit fee

Flood Zone Drainage Plan Review

     Initial Review by Town Engineer                                          $400.00

     Subsequent Reviews of Same Plan                                        $135.00/hr.

Temporary Certificate of Occupancy                                         $200.00

Certificate/Letter of Completion                                                $50.00

Building Permit Extension (maximum of 3)                               1st:  $50.00; 2nd:  $75.00; 3rd:  $100.00

Notice of Commencement Form                                                $2.00

Revisions to Permitted Plan                                                      

      Revisions with no change in dollar valuation                        $35 Residential, $50 Commercial plus $10 per plan sheet. 

      Revisions that create an increase in the valuation                  3% of added valuation and $35 Residential, $50 Commercial plus $10 per plan sheet.

Antenna Permit                                                                        Same as Building Permit

Fire Alarm Permit                                                                     Same as Building Permit

Sign Permit Fees                                                                      

            Valuation of Sign        

                        $0-$500                                                           $ 30.00

                        $501-$1,000                                                     $ 35.00

                        $1,001 +                                                           $ 35.00 for 1st $1,000 +

                                                                                                $5 for each add’l $1,000 or fraction

Sign Inspection Fee                                                                  $25.00

Sign Appeal Fee                                                                       $250.00

Sign Variance Fee                                                                    $450.00 First, each additional $100.00,

Moving Building                                                                      $ 400.00

Demolition - Complete                                                             $ 300.00

Demolition - Partial                                                                  Same as Building Permit

Condemned by Town for Demolition                                         No Fee

Site Work Permit                                                                      $250.00

Reproduction of Building Plans                                                 Maximum of eight 11x14 sheets @ 30 cents each may be done by employees;


                                                                                                Larger Plans - $25 Service fee to Town, plus the party requesting copies shall pay courier fees & reproduction costs directly to the authorized printer.

Reinspection Fee                                                                     

            First reinspection                                                          $40.00

            Second reinspection if “correction” not done                  $75.00

            Third reinspection if “correction” not done                     $300.00 charged per 553.80 Florida


Duplicate Permit/Inspection Record                                           $20.00, Permit, w/ Inspection Record


After Hours Inspections Per Visit                                              $150.00

(other than Mon.-Fri. 8:30 am- 5:00 pm & holidays)

Construction Board of Adjustments & Appeals                          $ 500.00

Administrative Review Fee                                                       $ 300.00

Abandoned Real Property Registration Fee                                $100.00

Business Tax RECEIPT Fees

Administrative Services Fee for Business Tax Receipt                $50.00(non-refundable administrative fee)

                                                                                                       plus the cost of the Business Tax Receipt


Registration Fee for certain businesses                                       $35.00

            (except building contractors) Licensed/Taxed elsewhere                                                

Transfer Fee                                                                             10% of the Annual License

            Change of Name; Transfer of Ownership                    Tax/minimum charge of $3, but not to exceed $25

            Change of Address                                                       

Change of Contractor                                                                $25.00 plus 1% of remaining valuation to complete permitted work

Business Vehicle Decals (add’l)                                                $2.00

Replacement copy of Tax Receipt                                             $10.00


Zoning Maps                                                                            $5.00 each

Rezoning –       Zoning Map Change                                         $2,000.00

                        Zoning Text Change                                         $1,500.00


Comprehensive Plan Amendment                                              $2,000.00

Variance                                                                                  $750.00 first; $100 each add’l

Noise Variance                                                                         $100.00

Special Exception

            Residential                                                                   $500.00 first; $100 each add’l applied for at same time

            Commercial                                                                  $700.00 first; $100 each add’l applied for at same time

Public Hearing Continuance                                                      $100.00    

     If advertising is Required:                           

Variance                                                                      $325.00

            Land Use Plan Change or Rezoning                               $1,000.00

Height Exception                                                                      $250.00

Platting Exception                                                                    $250.00

Site Plan/Concurrency Review by PRC                                                             

            2-4 Residential Units                                                    $250.00  

            5-10 Residential Units                                                  $500.00

            More than 10 Residential Units and all Commercial       $1,500.00        

Zoning Verification Letter                                                        $50.00

Voluntary Annexation                                                              $1,300.00 + 1.00 per acre

Abandonment of Public Right-of-way                                        $700.00

Subdivision & Platting Pre-Application                                     $250.00 + Town Engineer Fee

Master Plan                                                                              $1,500.00 + Town Engineer Fee

Const. Plan + Preliminary Plat                                                   $2,500.00 + Town Engineer Fee

Final Plat                                                                                  $150.00 + Town Engineer Fee

                                                                                                              + Town Surveyor review fee

Landscape Fees

            Landscape Plan Application                                          $375.00 

            Landscape Plan Variance                                              $375.00

            Landscape Site Clearing Permit                                     $50.00

            Protected Tree species Removal/Relocation                    $50.00 (Mitigation may be required, see Town Code Section 10.5-4)

Permit (Trees not exempt per Sec. 163.045,Fla. Stat.)     


            Landscape Tree Removal, other than protected Species        No cost

Portable Storage Unit Permit                                                     $10.00

Proportionate Fair-Share Program                                              $750.00

            (Application Review per Sec. 23-45(c)

Special Events Permit (except Tax Exempt)                               $50.00 /day

Violation of Animal Sanitation Ordinance No. O-02-2008                     

            First Offense                                                                $25.00

            Second Offense                                                            $50.00

            Third Offense                                                               $100.00

Subsequent offenses are sent to a Special Magistrate Hearing for a fine not to exceed $500.00

Valet Parking

            Valet Parking Application and Plan Review Fee             $200.00

            Use of public parking space for valet queue                   $100 per month per space

Code Enforcement Fine Reduction Application Fee                    $50.00