Piers, Docks, and Seawalls Checklist


  • All permit applications, two paper copies, and one digital copy of permit documentation should be submitted to the Development Services Department.
  • Please note at this time we accept cash or check payments (due at submittal).
  • Please email buildingpermit@lantana.org with any questions regarding your submittal.

Please check to confirm submittal of the following: 

  • Completed Permit Application, including all proposed elements in the item description (Ex. piers, docks, boatlifts, jetski lifts, seawalls, dock extensions, etc.)
  • Contractor Registration Details (State License/Competency, County BTR, Liability Insurance, Worker’s Compensation, Qualifier Details) or Owner Builder Affidavit
  • 2 copies of approved DEP Permit or DEP Self-Certification Documentation
  • 2 copies of a survey of the property (including all improvements and easements)
  • 2 copies of the proposed plan designed in accordance with Town Code requirements, including:
    • Detailed construction drawings by a FL Registered Engineer showing the location of all proposed improvements
    • Setbacks to joint property lines of immediately adjoining properties, as applies
    • Location of any proposed pilings and ladders
    • All dimensions and details as required by Sec. 23-134 of the Town Code
    • If improvements are being made to an existing condition, clearly label all items “existing”/“proposed”

If applicable, submit 2 copies of the following:

  • For seawalls, show the location, seawall depth, and distance from existing seawall.
  • For residential docks over 100 feet in length, include engineer certified documentation certifying depth in accordance with Sec. 23-134(a)
  • For boat lifts, include boat lift details and size as additional documentation
  • For pilings, provide a pile log (prior to frame inspection)
  • Submit additional permit applications for any plumbing/electric associated with the project


  • Docks, piers, and seawalls are required to meet all Lantana Code requirements, including specific requirements of 23-134. For additional information on Code Requirements, visit https://library.municode.com/fl/lantana/codes/code_of_ordinances.
  • Docks and piers in residential districts shall not be used for any commercial purpose.
  • No dredging is allowed for new dock construction. Dredging is allowed for maintenance purposes.
  • An NOC is required for permits with a value of greater than $2500 prior to scheduling an inspection.