Human Resources & Risk Management

In Human Resources we aim to support the mission of the Town of Lantana by: 

  • Providing quality service to our employees
  • Ensuring safe working conditions
  • Recruiting the best qualified people and centralizing the hiring process of new employees
  • Managing the Town's benefits
  • Assisting the Town with miscellaneous projects

The Town of Lantana is committed to successfully recruiting and onboarding talented and skilled veterans into the agency workforce. The agency recognizes the extensive training, experience, and transferrable skills gained through military service and also recognizes the challenges associated with implementing a successful recruitment and onboarding process for individuals possessing these skill sets. In 2021 the Town of Lantana had 45 applicants claim Veteran’s preference and onboarded three (3) new hires. We remain committed to recruit and onboard talented veterans from our community.

 To contact us, please call (561) 540-5000.