Information Technology

The Town's Information Technology Division provides support, training and management of all technology systems, including Telecommuncations.

The Information Technology Division consists of the Information Technology Manager and an Information Technology Technician.


  • To support Town operations through the application of effective and efficient computer technology.
  • Support and assist departments in meeting their technical goals and objectives.
  • Provide the Town with the best possible service, quality, and innovations in information technology at the least possible cost.
  • Provide training and technical support to all Town departments in relation to their software and hardware needs.
  • Provide system security, data integrity, and 24/7 computer and telecommunication services.
  • Provide citizens with valuable information regarding Town improvements, events, meetings, and general information through the Town Internet Site.

Information Technology will lead, guide, and support in the effective use of computers and information processing technology, in partnership with Town Departments, to meet the overall objective of providing quality services to the Citizens of Lantana

To contact a member of the Information Technology Division, please use the following information:

William Parker, Information Technology Manager - or call (561) 540-5000.

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