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All businesses operating within the Town limits must obtain a Business Tax Receipt, even for a business based in your home. For questions concerning your home as a business office, or about Business Tax in general, please call (561) 540-5781. An application packet for Business Tax can be obtained from the Building Division, located at 504 Greynolds Circle, Lantana, FL 33462.

Business Tax renewals are mailed in August to all rental property owners and businesses operating within the Town limits.  This mailing is provided as a courtesy reminder.  It is the responsibility of each business owner to pay on time.  Please mail your payment early to avoid the rush. Penalties are added monthly to all renewals that are not paid by September 30th. If the Business Tax is not paid by December 31 you will receive a Notice of Violation in January.

Requirements needed to obtain a Business Tax Receipt

The applicant must complete the business name, business address, owner name, business phone number, owner home phone number, and type of business sections of the Town and the Palm Beach County applications.  The application is then submitted with the $50.00 Business Tax Administrative Service Fee (BTAS) which covers the initial inspections by the Code Enforcement and Building Divisions ONLY (this is not a tax fee). The Palm Beach County Fire Department MAY charge a separate fee for its inspections.

It's the applicant's responsibility to schedule all mandatory inspections with the PBC Fire Inspector, the Building Inspector and the Code Enforcement Division.

All business related items must be in place prior to the inspections. Building permits must be obtained from the Building Division before any alteration, renovation or improvement can be started.  For more inspections contact Code Enforcement at 540-5795, the Building Division at 540-5788 and the Palm Beach County Fire Inspector at 233-0050.

Once the inspections are completed, the application MUST be signed by each of the three inspectors. Return the signed, completed application to the Building Division. You MUST include the square footage of the location and, if the business is incorporated, a list of the names of the corporate officers. Place “N/A" in any area that does not apply. DO NOT leave any blank spaces.

To obtain the Town of Lantana Business Tax Receipt, you MUST attach copies of the following forms and/or certificates when submitting the completed application:

  • Palm Beach County Business Tax Receipt
  • State sales tax certificate (if applies)
  • Federal employer identification certificate (if applies)
  • Proof of fictitious name registration and/or incorporation registration from the --State of Florida (if applies)

If the Department of Business and Professional Regulation certifies your profession or occupation, you must provide a copy of the certificate, registration or license.

If you are applying for a Business Tax Receipt to operate a bank, mortgage company, finance company, or stockbroker firm, you must register with the State Comptroller, or Federal Home Bank of Atlanta, or Comptroller of Currency. You must provide a copy of this license showing the current business location.

Auto repair shops, Telemarketers, Health and Dance Studios, and Travel Agencies must show a permit, registration or an exemption from the State of Florida, Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services.

Public utility providers must show Public Service Commission registration/certificate.  The Business Tax Receipt, based on the type of business and payment, must be made at this time.

Contact Information

Please contact us with any questions you may have concerning building permits, inspections, zoning issues or business tax receipts:

Building Official - 561-540-5785

Building Division Coordinator - 561-540-5782

Permit/Business Coordinator - 561-540-5781

Business Tax Receipt information -

For enforcement of local ordinances contact the Town of Lantana Code Enforcement at (561) 540-5795. Or email our Code Enforcement Supervisor, Sammy Archer at