Lantana Projects

“To preserve Lantana’s small Town atmosphere through r esponsible government and quality servic e”

This page is intended to increase your awareness about ongoing projects within your Town !

Beach Improvements – Scheduled improvements include: renovating the North and South bathrooms. Work includes: replacing
all the fixtures (toilets, urinals, sinks, mirrors, and partitions), replacing exhaust vents, painting the walls, and epoxying the floors;
a 27’ by 24’ deck will be added to the West side of the Ocean Front Pavilions along with handicap accessibility to the North side
of the Pavilion; recycle plastic handrails will replace the current wooden ones; and additional landscaping and irrigation to the

Lyman Kayak Park Mangrove Planting – The Town of Lantana, along with the Palm Beach County Environmental Resource Management Department is in the process of constructing two (2) Mangrove planters along the North and South Shoreline of the park. The Mangrove planter will create a “living shoreline” which will: create habitat for birds, oysters, and fish; protect natural shorelines from erosion; improve water quality; and provide a natural aesthetic view to the waterfront .

The Intracoastal Waterway Subaqueous Crossing Project – This project replaces an existing volume feed (amount of flow of potable water) from the main land to Hypoluxo Island. The project calls for replacing a 10” water main with a 12” one. This will increase the amount of water that reaches the Island for drinking water, irrigation, and fire protection .

The South Atlantic Drive Water Main Replacement Project – This project will add a new water main from East Ocean Avenue to the dead end of Southeast Atlantic Drive. This will increase the amount of water flowing south from East Ocean Avenue to Southeast Atlantic Drive. This will also increase the amount of water for drinking, irrigation, and fire protection .

Hurricane Shutters – The Town received a Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) from FEMA to install hurricane shutters at the Lantana Public Library. These shutters will save time in securing the building from fast-approaching storms. It will also protect the contents within the building more effectively. The Town will also install hurricane shutters at the new Police Department Building. Presently there are no shutters at this building .

N. 8 th Street Sidewalk and Basketball Courts Construction – The Town received a CDBG grant project for improvements to the N. Broadway neighborhood. The project includes: construction of the sidewalk on the west side of N. 8 th Street; traffic calming measures along N. 8 th Street, and two (2) basketball courts in the Sports Park .