Get Your Property File

Do You Want Your Property File … at no charge?

The Town’s Building Department has been scanning paper documents to electronic format to make our work area more efficient and secure.  These files include documents for any work done to your home; permit applications, some drawings, plans, and possibly a survey.  The file does not include large roll-up drawings or house plans. They will be scanned later.  Once a file has been scanned, we will be disposing of the paper documents.  But first, we want to give you the opportunity to have the file.  Files for the following streets have been scanned and are available:

Green Lane

Greynolds Circle

Hardee Street

Hart Street

Holly Street

Iris Avenue

Irl’s Ridge Way

Jennings Street

Julia Heights Drive

La Costa Circle

La Costa Way

Lagoon Lane

North Lake Drive

South Lake Drive

Lakeside Place

Lakeview Avenue

Lake Worth Avenue

East Lantana Road

West Lantana Road

Lyndon Drive

West Mango Street

Marbella Lane

Martha’s Way

Mayfield Road

Melody Lane

Milton Street

You can pick up the paper file at the Building Department at 318 S. Dixie between 8 am and 3:30 pm.  Any remaining paper files for these streets will be disposed of in January 2018.