Sea Pines Neighborhood Flooding Update:

Sea Pines Update (6/7/2021):

The Town is continuing maintenance on the Sea Pines drainage infrastructure. Storm basin cleaning operations have been included in the proposed pump station project that is being designed.  Residents are urged to continue efforts to keep yard debris and other items clear of swale and drainage structures.  Currently, staff is marking trees in the basin for removal.  Individual residents will be contacted before trees near their property lines are removed as we respect the need for privacy buffers.  Our ongoing maintenance efforts will continue throughout hurricane season.

Sea Pines Neighborhood Update (12/31/2020):

The storm water pipes and structures associated with the Sea Pines drainage system have all been cleaned and flushed. This operation was completed with ease, highlighting the impact of previous maintenance efforts, and indicating that the system was functioning as designed and clear of blockages.

 Sea Pines Basin pumping operations continued until end of day Tuesday, 12/29/20. CCTV operations also began on Tuesday, which will be followed up with sidewalk cleaning as required on 1/4/21. 

Sea Pines Neighborhood Update (12/16/2020):

The weir modification is complete and the Town has scheduled a number of additional actions to help mitigate the flood water in the neighborhood.  Scheduled operations and start dates are as follows:

1. Pumping of the Sea Pines basin – 12/18/20 2. Flushing and cleaning of drainage system in Sea Pines (all pipes, inlets, and manholes) – 12/28/20 3. Sidewalk and street cleaning – 1/4/21.

4. Repairs to any damaged drainage structures – 1/4/21.

5. The Town will be re-sodding the swales at intersection where wear and tear has occurred — 12/21/20 Estimated completion of scheduled work is 1/8/21. We will continue to update you as developments occur.

Sea Pines Neighborhood Update (12/10/2020):

Water and retention wall

Modified weir. Picture taken by FDOT on 12/10/2020

Sea Pines Neighborhood Update (12/09/2020):

FDOT has begun the work of lowering the weir at I-95 and Hypoluxo Rd., which impacts the Sea Pines Neighborhood. We will keep you updated as the project progresses.

Sea Pines Neighborhood Update (12/01/2020):

The Town was notified by the FDOT (Florida Department of Transportation) that they will be mobilizing during the month of December and tentatively plan on having the work on the weir done by the end of December.

After the weir is lowered, and the groundwater subsides, the Town will schedule a complete flushing and cleaning of the catch basins, pipes, and manholes in the Sea Pines community. 

We continue a commitment to mitigate the impact of flooding in the community.

Sea Pines Neighborhood Update (11/19/20):

The Town has been advised that the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) will not require Florida Dept. of Transportation (FDOT) to get a permit to lower the weir on the west side of I-95, which is the downstream portion of the Sea Pines drainage system that impacts the water level in the community. The Town considers this decision as a significant step towards relieving some of the flooding concerns for the community.

FDOT is solely responsible for determining the construction timeframe, but it should be noted that field conditions at this time are not conducive to construction activities, as the weir area is currently being overtopped by water and the storm water storage basin adjacent to the weir will be unstable for an undetermined amount of time. We remain in contact with FDOT and will advise of the construction time and date as soon as it is announced.

Sea Pines Neighborhood Update (11/10/2020):

On Monday, 11/09/20, the Town signed a contract with the Hinterland Group to continue pumping the Sea Pines Basin and, in conjunction with the FDOT, the South Florida Water Management District approved the modification to lower the weir per the original permit. The Town of Lantana is committed to mitigating the impact of the water in our community and will keep you updated as it develops.

Sea Pine Neighborhood Update (11/06/20):

In reference to the Sea Pines community, along with the assistance of Palm Beach County (PBC) and through our contract efforts, we pumped and/or pumped and hauled more than 12 million gallons of water from this site since October 23, 2020.  Currently, we are pumping water directly from the Sea Pines storm water retention basin in an effort to increase the storage capacity of the basin as we anticipate the impact of the upcoming tropical storm. Those efforts will continue as long as pumping operations are feasible. 

Moreover, we have proactively flushed the storm water pipes and cleaned our system inlets and PBC has performed the same operations. Additionally, Florida Dept. of Transportation (FDOT) regraded the outfall system adjacent to I-95 to increase storm water flow and storage.  

Post storm we will reevaluate conditions in Sea Pines and throughout the Town and implement either pumping operations using pre storm assistance arrangements with PBC, FDOT and or our pump and haul contractor.

Sea Pines Neighborhood Update (11/05/20):

The Town is sustaining efforts to mitigate the impact of the water in our community. We know the storm, Eta, has many concerned, but we want you to know that the pre-storm plan is to continue to pump the Sea Pines Basin. Post-storm, the Town is working with Palm Beach County and another company to pump and haul.

There will also be a Sea Pines Residents meeting on Monday, November 16th at 6pm at the Town of Lantana Recreation Center (418 S. Dixie Highway, Lantana FL 33462). Town staff and engineers will be there, as well, and we hope you can attend.

Update on Sea Pines Flooding (10/29/20):

This is an update for the Sea Pines Neighborhood regarding the meeting between Town staff, FDOT and Palm Beach County to discuss short and long-term solutions for the flooding problem in the Sea Pines neighborhood.  Amongst items discussed was that the contributing cause of the flooding event was due to the accumulation of water and the intensity of rain with back-to-back storm events which led to a high ground water table.  October 2020 had the highest amount of rainfall on record– 22”.   Currently, all jurisdictions verified that their systems have been maintained and are free from obstructions.  Over 6.5 million gallons of water have been pumped from the Sea Pines neighborhood. Water is still high on some of the streets.  There were 2 main identified problem areas and solutions.

  1. The swale on the southeast corner of Hypoluxo Rd. and I-95 needs to be cleared out to facilitate water flow.  This work is scheduled to be done by FDOT on Saturday, 10/31/20.
  2. The Town Engineer and FDOT will request a permit modification from the SFWMD to lower the weir which will help lower the ground water table.

The Town and County are committed to continuing efforts to mitigate the impact of the flood water.  Please visit the town’s website at, search Sea Pines Neighborhood Flooding, for updated information.

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