Hiring a Contractor

Hiring A Contractor

Before hiring a contractor or handyman to do work in your home, make sure that the company is registered with the Town. All contractors, sub-contractors and interior trim carpenters (handyman) must register with the Town. When a company or individual registers with the Town, they must provide the following items:
  • Proof of a County Occupational License for their business
  • A Certificate of Competency either from the State of Florida or from the County
  • Proof of insurance coverage, which would include general liability of worker's compensation coverage
All repairs pertaining to roofing, electrical, plumbing, window replacements, stucco work, fences, and paving or repaving must be permitted PRIOR to starting the job. BE CAUTIOUS if a contractor tells you that the permit is not needed. By obtaining a permit, you will be assured that our qualified Building Inspector will inspect the work at each phase of the job. If the work is not done to the correct standards, the Building Inspector will be able to point out the problem and it will need to be corrected and re-inspected before the permit will be finalized. This will prevent shoddy work from being done to your home.


Warning Signs should come out if a contractor tells you that it would be better for you to pull the permit as an owner/builder. If you pull the permit, you will be ultimately responsible for the work that was done. If the contractor pulls the permit and does not do a satisfactory job, he could risk losing his license. This could be the difference between getting the job done correctly or being ripped off.
By checking with the Building Division/Occupational Licensing prior to hiring someone to repair your home, you could prevent unqualified contractors from deceiving you. Please be aware that this does happen and more often than you think.