Business Tax Receipts for Businesses

Information for Businesses

The Town of Lantana has approximately 1800 licensed businesses, including home-based businesses and residential rental property. These businesses range from auto repair shops and sales lots, bars, restaurants, or industrial or manufacturing, banks, retail outlets, and many other types of service to the community.  Each business must pay a tax and obtain a Town Business Tax Receipt. The tax fee depends upon the type of business being operated.  Contact the Building Division for information on Fees.
When a new business owner applies for a license our Code Enforcement Division schedules an inspection of the property. The fire inspector, building inspector and a code enforcement officer from the town perform this inspection. The fire inspector checks the structure for any life or property threatening safety violations such as: electrical violations, storage of fire hazardous materials, blocked exits and miscellaneous code violations. The building inspector assesses the building's structure for structural deficiencies, which would make the building unsafe or unfit to operate a business in. The code enforcement officer makes sure that the business has a numerical address that is clearly displayed on the front of the building and that the business will have adequate on-site facilities to discard waste products.  If a violation is found, the business owner is given a period of time to correct the problem and the property is re-inspected before the business is allowed to open to the general public.  All inspectors must sign the receipt before the Town issues it.